Hey Osama, Detroit?

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The attempted bombing of a Northwest airliner in Detroit on Friday has barely sent a ripple through the national consciousness. Perhaps it’s Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s failure to actually detonate and blow up the plane. All he managed to do was burn his own schvantz. People are far more upset over the new flying rules than they are about another attempted enemy attack on U.S. soil. My guess as to the lack of national outrage is because al-Qaeda chose Detroit Metro Airport.

With all of the economic difficulties caused by the 30-year death of both the city and the auto industry, figuring in the 78% of the city’s homicides go UNSOLVED , there are those Americans who feel Detroit is getting exactly what it deserves. Be it bad press or a blown up 757, they don’t care.

Al-Qaeda must not have received that memo. Instead of cutting their losses and admitting they attempted to bomb the one city the vast majority of Americans, including our Chicago Machine President, wish would disappear al-Qaeda decided to try again.

This afternoon, another Nigerian man was arrested on the same flight Amsterdam to Detroit flight. The authorities are claiming the incident wasn’t ‘serious.’ However, the powers that be have also claimed the economy is in recovery.

Whether today’s weird episode was really another thwarted al-Qaeda attack or not remains to be seen. However, Osama’s utter lack of a proper ‘soft’ target on the US mainland reminds me of an old joke:

Did you hear about the al-Qaeda terrorist?

What a shame. He was told to go blow up a car and burned his mouth on the tailpipe.

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