The Irish Bring Back The Volstead Act

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October 28, 1978.  Former San Francisco City Supervisor Dan White murdered his colleague Harvey Milk in San Francisco and Mayor Willie Moscone.  Although the reasons for White, a former member of the SFPD, going on a killing spree remain murky to this day, his formal response to the charges of murder were/are one of the more creative legal arguments in the history of American jurisprudence.

White’s attorney’s claimed he killed Milk and Moscone because of a nasty bout of depression brought on by a switch in diet from health food to sugar fast food.  In short, the Twinkies made him do it.  The jury somewhat bought the argument and sentenced White to seven years in prison for his double murder.  The verdict brought riots to the street of San Francisco and a change to California’s diminished capacity’ laws.

A few weeks back, a Knoxville, Tennessee court was the home to another creative legal defense, this time in a case of vandalism misdemeanor theft.


The lawyer representing two drunken Irishmen who stole an American flag in Knoxville Tennessee has claimed their act was proof they loved the USA.

Dubliners John Patrick Kerrigan and James Mulroy were found guilty of vandalism and misdemeanour theft after they stole the flag last January and took photos of themselves wrapped in it, reports Knox News.

Their lawyer claimed to a court in Knoxville that the act was proof positive of their love for America – and they have the pictures to prove it.

The pair jumped from a taxi last January and stole the flag from the TVA building in downtown Knoxville before draping themselves in it and taking the photographs.

Kerrigan, 33, and Mulroy, 28, cut the flagpole rope at the TVA building off Summit Hill Drive to bring the flag down and then ran off with it into the Crowne Plaza hotel where they were staying.

The Dublin duo confessed to the theft in Knox County General Sessions Court ,but their attorney Tommy Hindman insisted it was an act of American patriotism, admittedly a drunken one.

As evidence to back-up his theory, he cited a cell phone picture showing one of the two passed out with the flag wrapped around his body.

“That’s how much they loved America,” Hindman jokingly told the court.

Hindman revealed that Kerrigan and Mulroy have agreed to pay TVA $2,200 to replace the flag. If they pay that amount along with court costs and behave themselves for the next year, the charges will be dropped as part of a plea deal.

The attorney also dismissed reports that the pair had stolen the flag at the behest of actor Colin Farrell who was in town at the time of their act.

“I asked them if they knew Colin Farrell,” he said. “They said, ‘Who?’”

What these two drunken morons don’t understand is given the generally health fascistic times overrunning the republic, they could have singlehandedly brought back the Volstead Act.




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