H1N1 and Me

The Con

 My mother had it.  My niece had it.  My brother had it and now, I’ve had it – H1N1.  The Swine Flu.


For 36 hours, I ran a low grade fever, had some chills and no appetite.  I fell asleep for 12 hours and felt somewhat right when I woke up.  No nausea.  No vomiting. No diarrhea.  No looking for the Angel of Death in the closet.


I am disappointed.  I feel as though I’ve been hyped.  Personally, I blame CNN’s Sunjay Gupta.  He catches the Swine flu, complains about it and gets an IV.  However, I’m sure his video blog scared the shit out of millions.  Thus cometh the vaccine.


Me?  I’ve had bouts with bad falafel that have been worse than this.     

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