That Oswald Cat

The Con

Conspiracy theories are all the rage these days. The 2000 Presidential election, who really did 9/11, is Obama really a Islamic Manchurian Candidate etc. Give a conspiracy theorist a world changing event and they will come up with an explanation that involves many different suspects – Jews, Commies, the Mob, the CIA, who I understand is now held solely responsible in some quarters for the fall of the Knights Templar in 1314.

Your occasionally intrepid blogger is not immune. As you know dear readers, I engage in the granddaddy of all conspiracy theories: the JFK Assassination. That my thesis revolves around a blackly humorous series of events means nothing. I am one of the great washed JFK Conspiracy nuts. (The unwashed have bought into the Terry Southern/General Ripper concept of water fluoridation as the root of 22 November 1963.)

On that note, my far ranging research has brought me to a suspect yet to be identified by the international media.

The cats got rid of the President because he was a dog person. We can therefore conclude Watergate was payback for the infamous Checkers speech.

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