California Is An Insane Asylum

The Con

When I was applying to college, the Old Man told me he would be happy to pay for my BA and MA as long as I got into a top school in the 49 states.

Of course, I was shocked at the statement.  Although I know my father was stuck in 1931 (a lot like Jabotinsky or a little like Mussolini depending on your politics) but even he had to know there had been 50 states in the Union since 1959 – nearly 12 years after he arrived from Holocaust torn Europe.

“I don’t know if you learned this in your citizenship classes Dad but there are 50 states in the Union,” I told him.

“California’s not a state, kid.  It’s an insane asylum,” he replied.

I find myself liking Los Angeles and California far more than I thought I would thus I feel the need to offer this plea to my fellow citizens of the People’s Republic of California: please, Please, PLEASE stop making right hand turns from the left hand lane?  If this behavior does not cease I may be forced to conclude the Old Man was right about another thing in life.  For the record that will be 20, although the first 5 are card tricks and the next three are stock tips but still, I beg you.

That is all.

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