It’s 2010, Right?

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Every now and then I wake up in the morning and wonder what year it is. Example: the last time I was in Phoenix for the summer, the A-Team was on TV, the Karate Kid was just released and was on it’s way to becoming a huge hit. We were at war with the Soviet Union but relations were thawing, thanks to Glasnost.

This morning, the A-Team and Karate Kid are the highest grossing films currently in movie houses and, according to TV News, relations with Russians is thawing. However, I was streaming a local DJ live on my Mac instead of listen to him on a clock radio, waiting for a call on my cell phone. I sighed. It was still 2010. Then, I read 30-50 deep cover Russian spies were caught running a spy ring in the US.

The Vancouver Sun’s headline:

Russian spies hid beneath middle-class facade, say U.S. investigators

The KGB, I mean the Russian Premier is upset. MI5 claims the amount of Russian spies in the Britain is at Cold War levels. The Daily Caller claims the State Department views this as simply the usual ups and downs in diplomacy.

It is 2010 not 1984, right?

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