How To Bet The Preakness In The Great Recession

The Con

Allow me to share a few sobering statistics on the economy for just a minute.

*Since the start of the Great Recession, over 7.9 million jobs have been lost and many will never return.

*The ‘Propaganda’ Unemployment Rate is 8.1%.  The ‘Real’ Unemployment Rate is somewhere between 9.5% and 11.6%.

*The US collects over $3.5 billion in new debt every day.

In short, the country is broke and the citizenry is not far behind.

Today, billions of dollars will be wagered on the 136th running of the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, Maryland.  With every bet, there is the hope no matter how deep or shoved to the furthest recesses of the subconscious that they will be the big winner and beat the $2,903.80 paid out to last year’s superfecta winner.

So I feel compelled to offer this sound advice to all those would be Preakness bettors in this shittiest of shitty economic times, advice that comes directly from the Old Man:


Never bet a horse race you don’t know the outcome of ahead of time.

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