What Happened to Fritz? – From Guest Blogger Sreeny Cherukuri

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Using our friend Robert “Fritz” Lehman’s wedding (congratulations Robert and Kim!) as a touchstone, guest blogger Sreeny Cheurkuri, director of Information Technology Services for the city of Detroit, casts a broad new light on the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.


What Happened to Fritz?


I know his time is running out, but even for Fritz the news is getting bizarre.  For those who haven’t had time to keep up – I will try to summarize the worldwide buzz.

There is lots of discussion of his current state…..


Lehman’s Fate – Wall Street Journal

Has Lehman done enough? – BBC UK

What To Do With Lehman? – Forbes

…and his choices, at this point are surely limited….


Lehman Faces Mounting Pressures – Wall Street Journal

Tough talk, but now Lehman has run out of road  – Guardian UK

Lehman may need a miracle to survive – Associated Press

Lehman might be history by next week – Chicago Tribune


…but when you understand how we got here……

Suitors line up for LehmanCITY A.M., UK 

They came, they walked away from Lehman – Times Online

Appetite low for Lehman  – Financial Times

Viewpoint: Confidence and time … Lehman had neither – Guardian UK

.. and it looks like he finally settled on a course of action..

Lehman Gives In – US News and World Report

Lehman’s Worst Gamble Ever? – Motley Fool

..and has considered some bizzarre options…

Lehman Still Looking for Suitor, Possible 3-Way Deal  – CNBC



..Personally, I think its all for the best.. but I think the press is being a bit fatalistic for my taste..



Lehman on the brink – Marketwatch

Poor Little Lehman – Forbes

The End of Lehman – Conde Nast Portfolio

Flowers for Lehman? – CNN Money

And they speculate that he may be dragging Jeffers down too.


Wall Street fears as Lehman Brothers teeters on brink – Wall Street Journal

Death watch for Lehman Brothers  – AFP


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