Detroit Without the Glamour

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Today is Super Bowl Sunday. The Indianapolis Colts v. the New Orleans Saints play in Miami for the Lombardi Trophy and NFL World Championship. The question asked by all, outside of Indianapolis and New Orleans, is which team are you rooting for? Who is your team on this American Secular Holiday?

Here are the picks from some family and friends:

Erica Swart: Colts

Judy Zola: Saints

Matt Gabe: Lions

Mark Sjlukic: Saints

Julie Meyer-Diaz: Colts

Most people choose their teams because their teams are in the NFC/AFC, or they like Peyton Manning or the city in which they reside is close to one New Orleans or Indianapolis. I prefer a more scientific approach.

Better QB – Colts

Better running game – Saints

Defense – Colts

Coach – Saints

The Colts had the better regular season but the game is being played in the Deep South.

The Vegas Line: at the Hilton – the Colts -4 1/2. SBG Global: Colts -4.

So, after balancing all the information available and talking to several professional gamblers I know, here is my pick to win the 2010 Super Bowl:

The New Orleans Saints.


New Orleans is Detroit without the glamour. The city needs the help.

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