Elvis Costello Announces Boycott of Israel From Behind Burka

The Con

The news was supposed to break with the force of the Mississippi bursting through the faulty levees that were ‘protecting’ New Orleans: Elvis Costello has decided to cancel two June concerts in Israel and join a boycott of the Jewish Nation.

The boycott, arranged by PACBI (the Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel), now has 94 members including such ‘luminaries’ as Jenny Morgan and John Berger. Had Costello not joined this group of socialists and Marxists and progressives, the most noted music figure in their ranks was Brian Eno.

However, since Berger and PACBI are so fond of quoting Bishop Desmond Tutu, the South African Apartheid fighter, perhaps a bit perspective is in order when it comes to embracing Elvis Costello for joining the ranks of the enlightened lefties.

In March of 1979, Costello called James Brown a “jive-ass nigger” and Ray Charles a “blind, ignorant nigger.” Singer Bonnie Bramlett and singer-songwriter Steven Stills were present and Bramlett slugged the Brit.

According to the Wikipedia:

Costello apologised at a New York City press conference a few days later, claiming that he had been drunk and had been attempting to be obnoxious in order to bring the conversation to a swift conclusion, not anticipating that Bramlett would bring his comments to the press. According to Costello, “it became necessary for me to outrage these people with about the most obnoxious and offensive remarks that I could muster.” In his liner notes for the expanded version of Get Happy!!, Costello writes that some time after the incident he had declined an offer to meet Charles out of guilt and embarrassment, though Charles himself had forgiven Costello (“Drunken talk isn’t meant to be printed in the paper”).

Costello worked extensively in Britain’s Rock Against Racism campaign both before and after the incident. This incident inspired his Get Happy!! song “Riot Act”.[11]

I suppose the next words out of Costello will be Lou Reed is a “queer Kike,” and Bob Dylan is a “Kike who can’t write a song” Since he gave up drinking in the late 1980’s, I wonder how Costello will justify his anti-Semitism? Oh wait, he won’t have to since his PACBI/Marxist buddies will agree with him and encourage him to say what was really in his heart all these years: Sammy Davis Jr. was a “stupid, half blind talentless nigger Kike.”

G-d bless the Brits…

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