Random Thoughts On The First Saturday In 2013

The Con

Just a few random thoughts from a year long Angelino (how did that happen) as my 43rd year to heaven comes to a close.

*Is there a law that only allows dog lovers to own Chihuahua’s in Koreatown?

*Los Angeles is a MUCH louder city that New York.  Perhaps it’s the LAPD Black Hawk’s overhead every 3-5 hours or the screeches and screams from tires as accidents are barely avoided but the decible level in the Southland exceeds that of the Big Apple.

*That said, Metal Machine Music is a must have for any resident of the city of Los Angeles.

*Why is it necessary to make a right hand turn from the left hand lane.  Wouldn’t it be easier to get in the right turn lane to make said turn?  Perhaps this is actually taught in the average Los Angeles Driver’s Ed course.

*Perhaps this is just my personal paranoia but I wonder what bills designed to further erode our liberties Congress passed while they had us all up in arms over the Fiscal Cliff.

*And lastly, a plea to all the knuckleheads about to melt down everywhere in the country.: leave Aurora, Colorado alone.  They’ve had enough.  Move on the Colorado Springs will ya’?

More missives tomorrow gang!

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