Thoughts On The Post Rapture World

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According to Harold Camping, Christian broadcaster and evangelist, the Rapture – the date G-d takes his select few up to Heaven so they will miss the Apocalypse – is today, May 21, 2011.  This isn’t the first time Camping has predicted the end of the world.  Indeed, wrote a book entitled 1994? In which he predicted the return of Christ and the Apocalypse would begin on September 6, 1994.

Harold Camping kind of missed on that one.  However, on a recent Coast To Coast AM, Camping refused host George Noory’s offer to come on his May 23, 2011 show when said Rapture did not occur.  He told Noory he wouldn’t be around.

As of 1:42 CDT, various media outlets are saying that yes, once again the Rapture hasn’t happened.  But in the spirit the Eagle Scout I never was, I thought I’d prepare you for some things to do once the End of Days begins.

* Loot your local wine store.  I plan on grabbing a few Barolo’s myself.

* Riot in the streets of your local town.  Why not?  The Cops will be gone.

* Watch the original Planet of the Apes to get a good idea of what the post-Apocalyptic world will look like.

* Listen to Prong’s CD Beg To Differ if you can find a MP3 player that works.

* Buy GM from the remainder of the G for under a $1.

* No worries about filing those late taxes, the IRS won’t exist after a few more weeks.

Let me know how you intend to deal with the Post Rapture world.


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