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The UN is in session. This means no cars are moving on 1st Avenue and every dictatorial moron and his brother will get up to tell the world just how great they are and how the evil that is the United States must be thwarted.   These speeches will be broadcast live by CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and CSPAN and will highlight, once again the eccentricities and stupidity of the average dictator.

Recent examples include anything coming out of Iranian President Adolph Ahmadinejad’s mouth and last year’s hour and a half speech by Muammar Gaddafi.  Lest we forget the insane rambling of Hugo Chavez in his 2006 address where he called the sitting President of the United States ‘the devil’ while genuflecting and slobbering over the health of Fidel Castro.

The opening to any year’s UN General Assembly is generally the argument for abortion: stupidity on this level shouldn’t be allowed to live and then thrive.  However, we in the United States aren’t immune from this sort of idiocy.  Today, Wednesday September 21, 2011 has three major American Homer stupid moments.  Moments that may have been missed by the average American as the latest bad economic news, Israeli/Palestinian scream fest and the run up to yet another Republican Presidential Nominee debate.


Two American hiker’s held hostage (and convicted of espionage) by Iran for two years were released after posting $500,000 Bond each.  The hikers were vacationing in northern Iraq when they strayed across the Iran/Iraq border.

Although it is stupid enough to want to take a vacation in a war zone, it is triply stupid to then decide to hike the unsettled border of Iraq and Iran. This is the same Iran who has been at war with US since the Mullah’s took power in 1979.  Reasonable smart people know to stay away from a country that has snatched American’s and held them hostage before.  I’m glad you got out boys but I have to ask what’s next, preaching the Gospel in Mecca?


The State of Georgia is set to execute Troy Davis for the 1989 murder of a Savannah police officer.  As of this writing the US Supreme Court has denied to review the case and Davis will be taken into the death chamber at 7pm EDT to meet his final judgment.

In the 21 years since Davis’ was found guilty, nine witnesses have recanted their sworn testimony and three jurors said they voted to send Davis to the death chamber in error.  Troy Davis and his attorney’s claim a case of mistaken identity sent him to Death Row in the first place and these changes prove out his claims of innocence.

Various courts have turned Davis down claiming the recantations are not persuasive and new claims of innocence aren’t strong.  However strong Troy Davis’ claims maybe, it’s impossible to prove get away from these negatives – Officer Mark MacPhail was murdered and Davis seems to know something about the crime.  Still reasonable doubt for death does exist.  Why be stupid, commute the sentence to life without the possibility of parole and let Davis rot.  If a fuller examination of the evidence proves Davis was the murderer, send him to SuperMax to live out his days; a living hell to be sure.

(As of 4:23 PDT, Davis’ execution is on hold while US Supreme decided his fate.)


According to a Hunter College poll, 4,121 people were sent to the hospital in New York State after being hit by bicyclists.  55% of those hit were in New York City.

With those bicyclists in city accounting for such a high number of accidents involving pedestrians, the Bloomberg administration has decided to create bike only lanes right next to sidewalks and close area hospitals.  Rumor has it Mayor Bloomberg wants to be the new Treasury Secretary.  It appears he’d fit right in with those Washington clowns.

Kinda makes you proud to be an American, don’t it?



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