Cher? A Punk Rocker?

The Con

Punk rock was an attempt to bring the passion back into rock and roll during the musically bloated mid 1970’s. From the anxiety ridden David Byrne to the 3 great chords 75 great albums of the Ramones, punk reclaimed the raging energy that was once rock and roll.

34 years later, punk rock is still with us and critics are looking for those rockers whose devil may care attitudes and passionate deliverance of the basic three/four chord format of punk. has released a list of those in the non-punk rockers who are ‘real’ punks. Although I will leave the ultimate decision of who is or is not historically punk up to you dear reader, I think this list must be thrown to the curb. Cher has never and will never be a punk rocker.

I mean Jesus H. Christ Cher?

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