Preparation B – Comment By Zola System Reader SGZ

The First Essential Scary Truth

Zola System reader SGZ sent me an interesting e-mail about yesterday’s post.  His issues with Fuhrer Mike are stated in a far firmer fashion than most I have read or heard so I’d like to share them with you.

Here’s a thought….

Since exercise and long periods of sitting are known causes of hemorrhoids, Mr. Andujar would be better served to sell “Preparation B” – The Mike Bloomberg Hemorrhoid Cream.  Created by the Mayor of New York so that you too can be the perfect asshole.

If he’s not working behind the scenes supporting a Mosque at ground zero …

Or suggesting the Times Square Bomber just doesn’t like the health care bill …

Or curtailing the private property rights of business owners …

Or fucking up traffic patterns across the 5 Boroughs …

Or… list goes on and on…

Mayor Mike.  He is the perfect asshole.

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