3 Years

The Core Belief

Dear Readers:

Three years ago today, the Zola System debuted to just an audience of a small few: my family and friends mostly and perhaps a few out there who sleep less than JWR editor Binyamin Jolkovsky and I put together.  The original idea was to give me ‘platform’ to sell a biography about my Old Man, Aron Zola.  However, this blog had ideas of it’s own and has grown exponentially since that fateful day in 2008.

The Zola System has brought me a lot of  luck since it was first posted.  Not to mention all the wonderful I’ve met people through blogging – Liz Emrich, Henry Mena, Rachel Byers Kiernan, Margaret Bauer to name just a few and I have had the honor of editing and posting pieces form some of my all time heroes – Dennis Machinegun Thompson and Skip Williamson et al.  Of course if it weren’t for the Zola System post The Magic Bullet Theory, Terry Tocantins (thanks for reading and everything else pal!) and I wouldn’t have written the play of the same.  (The play opens in March at Sacred Fools Theatre.)

Wow, all of that and more in the first three years.  I can’t wait to see what the next three years holds.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find the posts of the next three years as enjoyable as the posts of the first three years.

You occasionally intrepid blogger –

Alex Zola




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