My Birthday And Tom In Cairo

The Core Belief

Once again folks, I’m flattered by all the birthday wishes I’ve received. Thanks you all very much for taking time out of your busy day to send those greetings along. I am very touched.

However, the suarez thrown in my honor in central Phoenix got ever so slightly out of hand last night, up to and including hefty shot of Maker’s Mark with a drag queen named Barbara. Thus the only thing keeping me upright at this time is muscle memory.

So while I recover from this self-inflicted shock to my system, I’d like to leave you with a little reading material directly from riot torn Cairo. Zola System reader Greg Remus forwarded the link of a friend’s nephew Tom who’s been blogging about his expat life in Egypt’s capitol city.

This is as harrowing a personal statement as I have seen from Egypt. Check it out and send lots of prayers and good wishes Tom’s way.

More missives tomorrow gang.

The Link to My Life In Cairo:

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