What’s A G-String?

The First Essential Scary Truth

The two twenty something women, one auburn haired the other dark haired with dark blonde highlights, leaned against the bar, accepting drinks from three guys just in from LA. ‘So what do you think about that guy Loughner who shot that Congresswoman in Tucson,” the one guy in a t-shirt without holes asked the red head.

She looked shocked by the question but why? For the last two weeks, all the country has been talking about is the shooting of Rep. Giffords. Earlier in the day, however, various media outlets had the accused shooter Jared Lee Loughner taking pictures of himself with his weapon dressed only in a g-string. The story became the rage of the bar scene in Phoenix with out any of the November 23, 1963 irony that should have been present.

“Oh my gawd,” she replied.

“It was just like that other Lee guy who shot Ted Kennedy,” he told her. The red head smiled politely and rubbed her thumbs up and down her plastic beer mug. Mr. T-Shirt Without Holes was pulled away from the girls by one of his pals before he totally blew their shot at getting laid for the evening.

The red head looked at her friend. “Jenny, what’s a g-string,” she asked.

I can’t figure out what’s worse, a twenty something who doesn’t know what a g-string is or one who thinks Lee killed Ted Kennedy. Tough one.


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