Giving Thanks

The Core Belief

Well gang, we lost. The Magic Bullet Theory couldn’t bring the proper conspiratorial muscle to move to round three of Sacred Fools Serial Killers series.

Fear not, you fans of Oliver Stone, Jim Marrs and Coast-To-Coast AM; you have not been left alone. Terry Tocantins and I will be combing over new evidence, leads and perhaps even some previously released Warren Commission material in order to expand the only play to fully explain the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy into a full 75(+) minutes. The results will hopefully hit the stage in summer 2011.

Once again, I’d like to give thanks to those whose help was invaluable this past week. Sacred Fools Theatre, JJ Mayes, Shelter Hotels for providing the proper infrastructure for this weirdness and Jerry Liu, Patti Carr and Amy Chafee for keeping in touch and taking the time to hang out. Great to see you all! (Thanks for the Tylenol Amy.)

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More missives tomorrow gang!

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