Old Mr. Cohen Wins The Lotto

How Drunk Do You Have To Be To Get The Joke?

Old Mr. Cohen wins the PowerBall Lotto. When he goes to claim his money, Mr. Cohen finds he’s won of $400 million and the New York State Lottery has set up a news conference.

Shocked but happy at his good fortune, Mr. Cohen attempts to answer all the question thrown at him, all of which deal with what he intends to do with the cash.

“Vell, I’m going to give several million to mine daughter. She married the schagatz but the kids are Jews, tank G-d. And to mine son who married the schiktza, such a michaya when she converted and gave me two grandsons. And of course I’ll give a million each to the Republicans and the Democrats and several millions to the state of Israel…”

The reporters scribble each answer trying to stay awake.

“…and then in the middle of Central Park, I vill build a solid gold statue of Hitler.”

Johnson from the Daily News and Harris from the Post looked at each other in slight shock. “Obviously, the old man has lost it,” Johnson whispered.

“Mr. Cohen, why a solid gold statue of Hitler,” Harris asked.

Cohen rolled up his sleeve and pointed at his forearm. “Because it if vern’t for him, I never would have had the numbers.”

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