Happy 100th Father’s Day!

The Core Belief

Father’s Day 2010 isn’t just another government appointed third day in June to honor fatherhood in the United States. This Father’s Day is the 100th Anniversary of the day started by Sonora Smart Dodd and her pastor Rev. Conrad Bluhm in Spokane, Washington in 1910. However it took another 14 years for the ever-slow moving federal government to catch on.

In 1924, then President Calvin Coolidge recognized the day to honor fathers in Spokane and made it known he’d like other states to do the same. 42 years later LBJ signed a presidential decree making the third Sunday in June Father’s Day and Nixon made the day a permanent part of the American Calendar in 1972.

So to my late Old Man Aron Zola, my grandfather Russell, my Uncle Mike, brother Scot and all the other father’s out there –

Happy Father’s Day!

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