Random Thoughts For This Friday Before Memorial Day

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Some random thoughts on this Friday before Memorial Day 2010:

*RIP Gary Coleman. When my friend Liz told he died, we discussed the significance of child stars dying early, being in a popular culture icon from youth to an adult et al. What I missed was my chance to use Coleman’s signature line when I heard about his passing: what you talking about Willis?

*The movie version of the A-Team comes out on June 11. It seems as though Hollywood has lost any sort of creative fire if they are resorting to film versions of bad (all though very enjoyable on a camp level) 1980’s TV action series. Note to A-Team director Ridley Scott: can we give BA Baracus his name in Taiwanese- Guay Tou (怪頭) (translates as ‘Wacky Head’)

I’ll be posting sporadically this weekend gang. Enjoy your holiday!

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