Injecting Greatness Gets You the Chicks

The First Essential Scary Truth

Bob Waterfield, Hall of Fame Los Angeles Rams QB, was married to Jane Russell, as glamorous a Hollywood star as ever existed. NHL legend Wayne Gretzky is married to Janet Jones, a teenage fantasy to man of us who saw the Flamingo Kid during our teenage years.

These two beautiful actresses, and many others, have fallen for professional athletes over the course of the years. Since the advent of the celebrity driven media, these affairs have been forced further and further into the nations consciousness.

Waterfield and Gretzky, however, were legitimate all time greats in their chosen sports; men who competed on level playing fields against their peers and not only dominated but conquered. It’s easy to see why beauties like Jane Russell would fall for such men.

According to the New York Post, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz are fighting over Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez, who is always called one of the great players of his era, if not all time, has admitted to cheating by using steroids while on the Texas Rangers roster and, quite possibly, the Yankees.

I suppose that signifies greatness through hard work will no longer be earned but must be injected. Once mainlined, all the chicks in the world will be yours.

By the way ladies do you know A-Rod slept with…opps, still under that confidentiality agreement.

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