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What do Caracas, Venezuela, Beirut, Moscow, New Orleans Juarez, Cape Town, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Karachi have in common with Detroit? According to the Detroit News and CNN, Forbes and the CCPS (Citizen’s Council for Public Security) have named the aforementioned as the most dangerous cities in the world.

I find this less shocking than the rest of the country finally figuring out Obama doesn’t like Jews. However, I would like to ask this question of Forbes and CCPS: there are less than a million people living in a city and the state of Michigan is losing population so quickly deer will soon out number the remaining residents. Whole city blocks have been left to rot. Who do think is living in town, Mother Teresa?

She might come minister to the survivors of the smoldering wreck of the Michigan People’s Socialist Republic but actually live in Michigan or Detroit? No. Too dangerous. I think Mother Teresa will be staying in the garden spots and world class hotels found in the exciting neighboring town of Toledo, Ohio.

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