Denise Allard and DTE Can Save Us From Global Warming!

The First Essential Scary Truth

The PC Movement has deployed its ugly tentacles throughout the American political and cultural landscape. Just telling an off color joke in a saloon has become an act that may become actionable. Alas the fight to end political correctness in the realm of free speech maybe over. Two days back, an elderly lady called me a ‘barperson.’ At this rate, we won’t have enemies anymore, just people with whom we vehemently disagree and refuse to accept their kind acts of blowing up our buildings.

The element of our society where the PC fascists are most dangerous, not to mention the loudest, is the arena known as climate change. Most specifically, those who believe global warming is the biggest threat facing the world today.

Al Gore wins an Oscar for his documentary An Inconvenient Truth. However, it appears the issues raised in the film are based on questionable science. More and more jihadi’s try to make their way into the country and one tries to blow up an airplane on Christmas. However, various talk show hosts, including Bill Maher, keep telling the punters its climate change that’s the big threat. Ahmaninejad has threatened to nuke our ally Israel and kill millions but the strained, discredited science of global warming is a bigger threat than a genocidal madman.

Of course, questioning the PC crowd about veracity of the actual research on Global Warming leads to questioning ones love of the planet earth. So what are those of us who stomp the Terra, recycle and tend toward environmental conservation in the TR mode to do? To quote a rabbi who taught me back in my Hebrew School days, it’s action, not words that matter. So drop that SUV for a Mustang, throw those beer cans in the blue recycle bin and follow the advice of our new hero: DTE Energy – Project Manager and Energy Expert Denise Allard.

Denise not only helped produce a series of videos for DTE on how to save energy but stars in one episode herself. Follow the instructions laid out by the fair Denise and her compatriots and help make the world a little safer from the scientific Al Gore’s of the world. Although we should thank him for these Denise’s DTE videos as well, after all he invented the Internet.

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