Zola System Readers Top 3 Truly Terrible Drinks

The First Essential Scary Truth

Janethegreat’s guest post has elicited a lot of thoughts on truly terrible things to drink. Per usual you guys were more than willing to share all the BAD drinks you have tried during your travels. I do worry about some of you – Turner B drinking cement mixer (?!?!?!?!?!?!?) – But, being highly creative is something I expect from all of you kids out there. So without further adieu, here are my favorite Truly Terrible Drinks from Zola System readers ranked from three to one.

Number 3: Amy Alalouf – BARIUM! – I know what you mean Amy, It sucks going down and is worse coming out.

Number 2: Andrea Baublitz – A soda can full of cigarette ashes. Andrea, I hope you were drunk and didn’t do this on a bet like this one guy I knew at NYU.

Number 1: Peter Creedon – H2O. – You were drinking a glass of raw sewage particles plus the aftermath of fish fornication, urination and defecation with no booze to kill all those germs? What were you thinking you fucking Leprechaun? I thought I taught you better.

Honorable Mention: Andrew Reed – Bring me a bottle of Makers and two glasses of ice. Then let’s count $15G and hope it’s all there. – It’s not the drink which we both love and had way too much of or the headache we had trying to figure out that safe after service. It was waiting for the knuckleheads to leave the bar so we could go home that almost killed me. Are you sure it wasn’t two bottles a shift? Ah, our misspent youth.

More missives tomorrow!

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