Im Memoriam – Bob Lentz

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Bob Lentz, former principal of Birmingham Wylie E. Groves High School, died Wednesday morning after a brief battle with blood cancer. He was 70 years old.

Mr. Lentz was the man in charge during my four years at Groves. He was an innovative educator who cared about his students, although none of us wanted to see the man privately. When I went to New York back in 1987, he told me his son Nate was working in the city for then Chemical (now Chase) Bank. Lentz made sure I understood if I needed something, I could call his son if the situation dictated.

Classmate Dana Levy Ishbia sent me Bob’s obituary this morning. She marveled at how accomplished and well respected Bob Lentz was. I did as well. When you’re in the anti-human years of 14-18, you view any adult as the enemy, your high school principal doubly so. We Grovities were fortunate to have a good man like Robert Lentz sheppard us through those difficult years.

As I read the obituary below, I was stuck by the man’s dedication to the community and his desire to be involved and make a difference. Bob Lentz really did follow the old Talmudic precept: if not me who? If not now, when?

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