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The number of ‘Czar’s’ serving in the Obama administration during the President’s first year in office.


35 Czar’s are 4 more than his knuckleheaded predecessor had during his 8 year stay in the White House.  It’s 23 more Czar’s than FDR had during his entire 12 year/Three Term hijacking of the nation’s highest office.




For this massive increase in salaries paid to more governmental employees during the worst economic slow down in 30+ years, what do we get?  An Iran Czar, a Weatherization Czar and a Terrorism Czar.  Yes, there is a person who is, theoretically, in charge of the information that must be passed about terrorism and terrorists.  Currently, John O. Brennan holds the position.  Brennan’s job description states he is an assistant to the president for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. 


After the Christmas day attempt to blow up a Northwest Airline in Detroit, we can be assured that John O. Brennan and Janette Napolitano, the Homeland Security Secretary – she of the ‘system worked’ comment – are on the job.


However, it seems the al-Aqeada/Hamas/Hezbollah penchant for finding more fiendish ways of killing civilians is beyond those we have entrusted to keep us safe.  While going over the list of Czar’s the US has had under previous administrations (the Poverty Czar, the Mine Safety Czar et al) it strikes me that another Czar is needed.  This will be a Czar who can keep up with demands of the ever-changing threat to our way of life, not to mention travel.  In keeping with the Governmental truism that short beurocratic names wield great power, I think we should just call this new position the Underwear Czar.


Wouldn’t you love to sit in those presidential briefings?    

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