What About The Cadillac?

A Quote From How To Fix A Horserace


“Your father took me to the Schvitz at the Oakland Bathhouse once.  I remember driving into that neighborhood, all the houses had boarded up windows and there were all these tough looking thugs hanging around looking for a reason to do anything.  We parked his brand new Cadillac a hundred or so feet from the Schvitz and started walking down the block.  I was terrified as all these thugs were glaring at me.  I said “Uncle Aron, you can’t park your car here.  The neighborhood sucks.”


He grabbed me by the forearm and said “Nothing is going to happen to my car.  Trust me.”


Sure enough, when we got back to the car a few hours later, it was in the same pristine condition we left it in.”


Mark Fryd, Aron Zola’s nephew.

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