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The First Essential Scary Truth


I spent the weekend mourning my friend John Desmond Ott, murdered a year ago.  Why him, I wondered.  Why would G-d take such a vivid individual who was as in love with life as John was? 


The only thing I can think of is a rationalization: some people who stomp the terra are peacocks.  Their feathers have too much color.  They are meant to burn brightly and quickly, leaving brilliant impressions when they go away. 


Here’s a lasting impression from my old pal: he loved a good joke.


As I blogged on Saturday, John and I were hammered on Genesee Cream Ale as we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge our third night in New York.  So hammered, in fact, I couldn’t even look at a can of the beer for years lest I get nauseous. 


So when I moved out to Arizona a month ago to do my 3-5 in the desert, I thought my days avoiding Genny Cream Ales were over. 


My stomach turned when I found piece from Buffalo Business First online:


Genesee Beer to make comeback

North American Breweries is investing $10 million into Rochester’s Genesee Beer brand, hoping to bring the brewery back to “its glory days.”

KPS Capital Partners LP formed North American Breweries earlier this year when it purchased Buffalo-based Labatt USA and then the Genesee Brewing Company.

The renewed effort will include merging the sales and marketing teams from Labatt USA and Genesee, once a recognized beer in Western New York. The company said it has begun $6 million in upgrades and will invest another $4 million in 2010.

“Positive changes are brewing,” said Rich Lozyniak, the new CEO of North American Breweries. “We’re reviewing every aspect of our business to strengthen the brewery’s position.”

NAB said it will upgrade brewery equipment, make necessary repairs and add boiler controls and steam economizers that reduce energy consumption. The changes are expected to bring annual operating savings of more than $1 million.

In addition to Genesee, the brewery produces Seagram’s Escapes, as well as Dundee Ales and Lagers family of craft brands, which includes the Original Honey Brown Lager. The Rochester company distributes several imports, including Imperial from Costa Rica, Steinlager from New Zealand, Toohey’s New from Australia and Thwaites from the U.K.

That fucking John Ott; he still has that same ball busting humor from the other side.

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