Advice For the Heartbroken Beta Male – From Reader Jim H

Alpha Women/Beta Men

Since I posted Beta Men: The New Women on Tuesday, I’ve received a lot of mail wanting to help me through my post rejection depression.

If I am depressed, I am too busy to notice.  However, I’d like to share these comments from Zola System reader Jim H.  He has come up with some advice for the heartbroken Beta Male.  Hopefully it will work or I’ll drop dead from hardening of the arteries brought on by too many corned beef and pastrami sandwiches.



I read your article and will pass on the tidbit of wisdom given to me by a friend many years ago. He has a closed head injury now but hell he may have had one then…lol… anyway this is it. When a girl makes you feel so bad you want to carve your heart out with a spoon so it will take away the pain!!! You can take solace in this fact. You will feel this way again… you won’t think that that is possible but you will. And the reason you will feel this way again… this miserable want to jump off a bridge and get run over by a truck cause that would be better than how I feel now way…is because you will meet another woman who will make you so happy or you will think so anyway… that when you lose her for whatever reason, you will feel this way again. I can’t tell you why this information was like a light switch turning on for me but it was. You will feel this way again but only because someone else will push all the right buttons to get you there. The really miserable part was still misery but it never lasted as long after that. You have to go through the sex for the sake of it stage which makes you feel bad cause it isn’t her. But at least you’re getting laid… shallow but true and necessary. That should bring forth a fuck buddy or two who will help to keep your head clear for when you actually meet a girl you want to hang with. She will probably fuck you over too like the last one… or you will do something stupid and piss her off so she has to go and again you will feel that shitty again. Finally you may get lucky and find a girl who is slightly less crazy than the others and who doesn’t find you totally repulsive and you live somewhat happily ever after until one of you dies and.if it isn’t you… once again you feel that shitty. Get used to it. Find things that you really like and do them…even if you don’t feel like it. It will help. Do your best to not make someone else responsible for your happiness. That is a hard thing to do since a girl who does all the naughty things u like without having you arrested after is a hard thing to find…LOL …That said, a really good corned beef and pastrami and Swiss on onion roll with Russian dressing and a nap is a close second some days.


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