Three Tough White Mice

How Drunk Do You Have To Be To Get The Joke?

Today’s blog is the premier of a new category. 

I have a tendency to do stand-up when I should be listening to the other part of the conversation.   This has earned me the moniker ‘the Jay Leno of blogging’ and I have a chin that is almost as big.  So I am trying to limit my stand-up jokes to once weekly posts.  You may laugh or not, you may find the routine funny or not.  You tell me: how drunk do you have to be to get the joke?

(Cue rim shot)

Three white mice are sitting in a bar discussing just how tough they are.

Mouse #1 – I’m so tough, when I see one of those snap traps with cheese as the bait, I trigger the metal lever so I can get my workout in and then walk off with the cheese.

Mouse #2 – I’m so tough I got my tail caught in one of those glue traps and gnawed it off myself.

Mouse #3 throws back his shot of bourbon and puts a $20 on the wood. – Sorry boys, time for me to go and fuck the Jimmy the Cat up the ass.

(Rim shot)

My cruel mentor Susan Crain Bakos rates this joke as Thumbs Even in the Up, Even or Down System.  What do you think?




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