Jimmy Fallon’s Getting Adventurous

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon taking on financial guru Jim Cramer?  In case you haven’t been watching Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, these wonderful surprises are happening more and more frequently. The best show on Late Night is getting rather adventurous.   Here are some other people Fallon should interview.

*Brad Pitt’s mother.  Inquiring minds want to know which one did she like better: Jennifer or Angelina?

*Whoopi Goldberg.  After all, who doesn’t love Whoopi Goldberg?

*Henry Rollins.  One of the men who helped define the underground culture of 1980’s and ‘90’s has recently begun to move into the mainstream.  It would be nice to see someone give this dinosaur his props and I know Jimmy loves his stuff. 

*A different financial analyst every month.  If Fallon can get these guys to agree on anything in the way of a fix for the economy, he should be in Washington.

*Me.  I’d love to come on and teach Jimmy how to fix a horserace.

I’m sure Jimmy has some wonderful surprises in the offing and I can’t wait to see what they are.


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