Fighting Over Tips

The Second Essential Scary Truth


There are times when you can’t quite believe what you are reading.  This was in yesterdays New York Post Waiters Sue For Tips.’  According to the article, a group of servers are suing their Midtown Manhattan restaurant because various other employees, including the wine director and barista, have their hands in the tip pool.  These servers are claiming a violation of New York’s Labor Laws.


When I first started bartending in New York, lo those many years ago, the accepted practice was to throw a small tip out to everyone who helped you make money during the shift.  The guy who brought your coffees, the barback, everyone involved.  It didn’t have to be much, a few bucks here or there.  The amount of money didn’t matter, it was the show of appreciation.  Two servers I worked with, Luis and Sal, always gave me a couple of extra dollars when I was behind the stick to make sure their drinks and bottles of wine were always waiting for them to take to their tables.  It’s the Service Industry’s version of speculation for accumulation.


I know the economy is tanking and extra cash is hard to come by.  However, to my brethren in service at this establishment, I would like to remind them that the way to overcome lack of good tipping customers is with volume.  The more asses in the seats, the more cash there is to be made and you will need the help of the very people you are suing and pissing off.


Remember, forethought is your friend.

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