Finally, Some Optimism

Overheard in a New York Bar

Three suits came into my bar this evening in a party mood.

Suit 1: It’s almost over dude.

Suit 2: Trust me, it’s almost done.  One more in the dustbin.

Suit 3: I’ll be ready to go soon baby. 

They ordered a $300 bottle of Cabernet, downed it in ten minutes and started in on another.  I just opened the bottles not wanting to get involved in their personal party.  By Cab number 3, I was trying to figure out why these guys were so jubilant.  From what I did stay to overhear, they worked as brokers and the discussion was about losses.

Finally, as suits one and two went to the bathroom, I asked the third what the celebration was about.  “Dude, I just lost my job!  I survived the first three rounds of layoffs and we were told this was to be the last round, man.  After this, it’s all over, we’re on the road back baby!”

Even with GM due to declare bankruptcy in three weeks, I walked away feeling refreshed.  In the midst of the depression, true optimism is hard to find.


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