Frustration in a Wine Bar

Overheard in a Bar

As I got off shift and stopped at a local wine bar on the way home, I was able to catch the highlights to the Alex Rodriguez first at bat of the 2009 season.  The joint was covered with white marble and black chairs, very elegant and classy looking.  I found it shocking to find a television tuned to the days sports highlights.

A couple sat drinking a carafe of red wine, with cheese and olives in front of them.  She, a lithe brunette with green glasses, looked bored as he, a shaved head late 30-something white guy who resembled the Pillsbury Doughboy, jawed with the video clips offered by ESPN.

Guy: A-Rod whacks a 3-run homer on the first pitch he sees.  The Yankees are back, baby!

Girl: Wasn’t he the one who told Katie Couric he didn’t use steroids and then had to say he did?

Guy:  Who cares, everybody cheats, why not him?

Girl: That’s not what you told me in March when he first got outed as a steroids user by ESPN and the Post.

Guy: Who cares as long as he hits home runs baby! 

He screamed, whooped and hollered as she excused herself and went to the bathroom.  I could feel her frustration.  She could have had this same conversation on their couch, why should she have to spend $60 at the corner joint?




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