Summer and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon

I hope you were watching Late Night With jimmy Fallon this past week.  In your humble bloggers opinion, Fallon aired his best shows to date.  Whether it was sparring with Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch made up to be his downstairs neighbors at 30 Rock or the inspired fun of watching Jennifer Aniston turn the tables and conducting her own interview (not to mention the grapefruit bowling), Jimmy is creating a must watch show.

However with the brutally hot and humid days of the New York summer soon to be upon us, I’d like to recommend some fun and occasionally wet ideas for the Late Night staff to entertain.

*10 days back, while in Los Angeles, Jimmy hooked up with Carson Daly for a chat about his show, how they met etc.  Fallon should return the favor and have Carson on Late Night.  The guys could go to their favorite bars with a few audience members and rank which joint makes the best Margarita.

*In episode of ‘7th Floor West,’ Fallon and the writers could argue and start a water balloon fight that gets out of hand.  The fight ends up soaking innocent bystanders on the street.

*Fallon should rank the various places in Manhattan where it is easiest to cool off at night.  These places would be off the beaten path and have more than a bit of Tom Waits romance to them i.e. Stuyvesant Cove.

*One of the major unknown New York City parades, and arguably the most fun is Mermaid Day Parade in the Coney Island district of Brooklyn.  This year the parade is being held on June 20th.  During that week, Jimmy should bring members of the Coney Island Circus Side Show on to perform their bits.  Then they could interview him. 

*In an episode of Seinfeld, Jerry goes to Coney Island to ride the legendary roller coaster the Cyclone.  While on the subway, Seinfeld and a nudist begin a conversation about the Mets.  Friday, June 19th, Jimmy and the actor who played the nudist (he would be in his raincoat) would ride the subway to Coney Island, befriend some subway riders and then take them for a ride on the Cyclone.

Thus far, the spring has been cool and rainy.  Usually, this makes for an utterly brutal summer, with the sidewalks catching the upper 90-degree heat.  I’m sure Jimmy and his crack squad of sketch writers will come up with enough gags to make this season bearable.  I hope these ideas will be of some help.  


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