‘7th Floor West’ – The Funniest Sketch on Late Night TV

Jimmy Fallon

My pal Jimmy Fallon’s tenure as host of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is only getting better and better.  It isn’t so much his monologues or celebrity interviews that are setting Jimmy a cut above, although they are very good.  No, it is the sketches I find laugh out loud funny. 

 This week while in re-runs I got a chance to see certain bits that I found so hilarious the first time around I laughed over the dialogue.  The Target Demographic skit using the ‘Jersey D-Bags’ as the group to skewer was a piece of comic wit that has been lacking on Jimmy’s competition.

However, the sketch that I find to be the most original and belly laugh funny as hell, is ‘7th Floor West.’  The skit, which pits the writers of Late Night against the insecure, neophyte talk show host Fallon, is told in episode form and is ostensibly a parody of MTV’s drama The Hills.  Personally, I think it is far more thoughtful than that, turning the concept of staff writers as lackeys and sycophants for their more famous bosses on it’s head.   The comic potential of ‘7th Floor West’ has so many possibilities; I’d like to offer a few ideas of my own to Jimmy and his writers.

*Convinced that Jimmy is taking Late Night in the wrong direction, the staff plots to take over the show in a Soviet era coup.  They will attempt to install Norm McDonald as the host they can control.

*Just when Jimmy is getting used to the creative tension between the writer’s and himself, he suddenly finds the staff very agreeable and pliable.  What he doesn’t know is the writer’s are aliens who have been lulling Fallon into their confidence so they can deploy their worldwide mind control devices through his broad/webcasts.

*The writers, fed up with Fallon’s propensity to spit in people’s faces when talking face to face.  Thee decide to get Jimmy to write a song about a guy who does just that.  The writer’s then convince their insecure boss of the song’s genius and Fallon plays it every chance he gets, much to their amusement.

I’m sure Jimmy and his ultra talented staff has some twists and turns in mind for ‘7th Floor West’ so funny they will bust stitches in various hospitals all over the country.  I can’t wait to see what they are.




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