Eyes Like A Vulture

Overheard in a New York Bar

A few months back, as I was setting my bar for the upcoming shift, the owners’ son Harry walked in.  Scruffy and dressed in the latest brown and beige from the Banana Republic website, at 26 Harry is being poised to take over the five New York and 8 national restaurants his father built into something of a fine dinging empire.

Once word got out that Harry was in the building, our GM ran upstairs to have a chat with him.  They sat at the bar and I put a bev nap in front of each of them.

“Alex,” Harry said.  “That bev nap is upside down.  Fix it.”

I smiled and did as Harry demanded, not knowing how a person could tell how a white bev nap was either right or wrong side up.

“See, Alex,” Harry took his middle and forefinger and pointed to his eyes and then to the bar.  “Eyes like a vulture.”

I’m glad to know the Ivy League education I helped pay for will allow my future boss to butcher clichés.  


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