Why The Big Three Are Failing

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There have been many questions asked by many Americans wondering how the Big Three have become such a disaster.  How could the industry that once spurred the country to win wars and inspired some of the best art (in design, song etc.) the country has ever seen, not to mention a thriving middle class through the entire Upper Midwest, fail?

Actually, it has been a hot topic of discussion on the web with bloggers describing problems buying cars and columnists make grand statements.  Back in 2003, there was even a book written called The End of Detroit, in which Michele Maynard attempts to explain how the auto industry lost it’s market share.

What is lost with plants going under and various lines and even whole auto makers closing, is what was called the Birthright by those of us that grew up in the area.  The idea of the birthright was that if everything else failed in your life, you could always take a job in an auto plant and work for the Big Three.  No education, no desire or ambition in life, no problem; how a car built was simple stuff.  All you had to do was exactly as instructed.

Where is the birthright now that the Big Three have failed?  Well, I think I found where some of those looking for it have gone.  In this bartenders opinion, the above sign says it all.  Maybe this is why the Big Three are having massive problems.  First GM, Ford and Chrysler, next Burger King.


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