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Chutzpah is a Yiddish word literally meaning guts in English.  The actual connotation attached to the word is slightly different.  Yes, it does mean guts but in an utterly gallingly, sociopathic way.  Example:  a man kills both of his parents with a sledgehammer.  He is found guilty and at sentencing throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan.


True chutzpah has been on display in the New York City tabloids the past few days.


Last week, the NYPD raided a brothel run by an attorney and his wife on West 38th Street in Manhattan.  Lou Posner and his wife Betty were arrested on money laundering and charges of promoting prostitution.  Among the women in their employ was the porn star Alexia Moore.  Initially, the only thing that caught my eye about this whole escapade was that a porn star was involved.  Another attorney caught in the midst of malfeascence, now there’s a shocker for you.


During the arraignment, all of the players got bitchy.


 According to an article in the Sunday New York Daily News, during their arraignment, the strippers told the presiding judge they were upset that Posner “fined” them after engaging in a sex act with a customer.  One openly wondered whether that act made Posner her pimp.  Another stripper complained he had no respect for his girls, although they were making over $1000 a night giving lap dances. 


Oh, the chutzpah!


For his part, Posner answered in Monday’s Daily News saying he was shocked to hear there were sexual acts for pay done in his strip club.  Although the private rooms were equipped with a bed and a desk, Lou Posner said they were there only as decoration and props for the girls to dance around.


Oh the chutzpah!


There are so many things wrong with this story; I don’t know where to begin.

An attorney who doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut and actually gets caught laundering money and strippers who don’t understand that societal respect rarely goes to one who sells their body.  Not mention that yes, taking money to commit sexual acts upon another person makes you a prostitute and giving a cut to your pimp (Posner) is the way that the hooking business is done. 


Oh the chutzpah!


I am actually sorry to see the world’s oldest profession dragged through the Daily News and Post because of these bozos.  It’s surreal.  Peter Venkman was right, dogs and cats are living together in sin.



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