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Word came over the Internet that former Detroit Lion quarterback William “Jeff” Komlo was killed in Greece after a his car crashed on March 20.  I’m sure the name meant nothing to you as Komlo was the quarterback on the 1979 Detroit Lions who were considered the worst team in franchise history until the 2008 0-16 debacle.  The only good thing that came out of Komlo’s time at the helm of the Kitties was the first pick in the 1980 Common Draft.  In a first, the Lions managed to turn that pick into Billy Sims who had a wonderful, if short, career as a running back.

Honestly, at first I thought nothing of the report.  Another piece of the miserable past washed away could only help my beleaguered NFL team.  Now if only every other Lion quarterback from Greg Landry to Bob Gagliano would fade to black, perhaps our karmic debt will be paid. However, Komlo’s story since his retirement from professional football was nothing short of flat out weird.

As it turns out, Jeff Komlo was on the run from the US justice system at the time of his death.  Why was this former golden boy of the Delaware Blue Hens football program on the run?  For two drunk driving convictions.  Did he take a pot shot at his neighbor or kill an ex-girlfriend?  No.  He refused the Breathalyzer.  

Leave it to a Detroit Lion to find a way to dishonor the great American tradition of going on the lam.



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