Ron Silver – RIP

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I had other topics set for today’s bog and then Ron Silver’s death came over the AP wire.

I’m certain there are those of you that don’t know who Silver was although his turn as Klaus Von Bulow in Reversal of Fortune was a classic performance.  No, Ron was a good man who grew up on the Lower East Side, made his career in the arts – film and TV – and wore his heart on his sleeve.

Ron was a regular at my bar.  His drink was a Kettle Martini, up with one olive.  He was also a mentor.

“It only takes one sold book, A-Lex (the a and last three letters were different syllables in his parlance), It will happen,” he told me.  He made me believe it would.

When Silver came in with his daughter Alexandra, he was always at his happiest and I was gratified to be able to serve them.  Ron was a mensch, a man who cared about America, Jews and his neighborhood.

May the memories of your life assuage the pain of your loss to your son and daughter.

Rest in peace brother.  You will be missed.


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