Monsters in Borneo!

The Second Essential Scary Truth

One of the after effects of the Internet is to make the world a smaller place.  Remember that old tag line: we’re all connected now?  From the smallest villages in the most remote sections of the world to the middle of Times Square, wherever you had the desire to access, you could be there virtually in seconds flat.

Every now and then, however, you wonder if everybody got that memo.

Dateline Borneo, a remote southern Pacific outpost most Americans last heard of in 1944 as the island hopping campaign of General MacArthur was helping the United States decimate the Imperial Japanese enemy.  While monitoring flooding in the remotest regions of the island nation, a helicopter team took a photo of what appears to be a large eel like creature swimming in the middle of a river.

To the locals, the creature is called the Nabau, a 100 ft. mythical serpent known to have a dragon’s head and change shape.  The villagers in the area fear for their safety if the ‘monster’ returns.

When the pictures were published, people began to question whether the green snake like figure in the middle of the Baleh River was real or was put there via software enhancement. 

At first, I thought someone in Borneo may have read Jerry Della Femina’s book From Those Wonderful People Who Brought You Pearl Harbor and were trying to amp up the dwindling market for tourist dollars.  You have to think this would have, at the very least, brought the History Channel out to do a piece on local legends.

However, after looking closely at the photos, I think the Villagers can relax.  All they need to do is Google this word: Photoshop.  (Click here to see the pictures.)


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