Why I Didn’t Catch On With the Mets

The First Essential Scary Truth

Just when you thought steroids, Mitchell Report and vast amounts of amphetamines were in baseballs past, her they come back around, with a vengeance.

In today’s Sport’s Illustrated online, Selena Roberts and David Epstein report Alex Rodriguez, and 104 other players, tested positive for steroids in 2003.  These weren’t just your garden variety HGH and ‘the cream,’ no; one of the substances found in Mr. March’s blood was Primobolan, a steroid that was illegal in the US then as it is now.

No wonder I didn’t catch on with the Mets when I had my try out on September 4, 2001. My not being able to hit the curveball isn’t the problem, I see that clearly now.  My problem lies in the juice I use.  Where A-Rod and his cheating minions use HGH and the like, I use Pinot Noir.  I get it now.


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