Left to Die in DC

The First Essential Scary Truth

No matter what New Yorkers do, we seem to get labeled with moniker ‘disinterested observers.’  There isn’t a New York City day that goes by where tourists wander into a bad neighborhood and are given badly needed directions or some young moron is pulled back from the hard charging subway.  As a group, New Yorkers aren’t necessarily the nicest people you’ll ever meet but we may well be the kindest.  Just don’t slow us down, due to a criminally run MTA, we are all always five minutes late.

So it was a bit of a shock when I over herd two of my brethren in the Big Apple discussing a story that had just passed over the various Internet news outlets.  It seems a man was brutally beaten and left on the pavement for 20 minutes before any passerby’s called an ambulance or the police.  “Fucking New Yorkers, they’d let their own mother croak before the popped out their cell phone and called 911,” one of the suits from Credit Suisse/First Boston with a north Jersey accent swore.  The men went on to discuss other events in New York history the pair went on to discuss other events in New York history where innocent bystanders let a crime victim suffer other than call the authorities.  The two separate items that were topics of discussion were the time when ‘that slutty bitch got cheered on while those guys gang fucked her on the pool table in Canarsie.  You know, they made a movie about it starring that dyke from Disney.”  The other life changing moment in crime the men mentioned was a time when a ‘broad who couldn’t drive hit some psycho who fucked her on the hood of her car, then popped a cap in her head.  The other drivers cheered the sick fuck on.  It was a good thing New York State executed that sick bastard back in 1996.  You don’t see shit like that anymore thanks to the death penalty.”

I was behind these guys listening for two blocks as the conversation ranged from the incidents mentioned to how their 401k plans were down and how would they be able to pay the college tuition.  Once I had my large cup of coffee in my hand, I sat down to do a little research on the merit of their claims of victim indifference.  What drove me to waste these few moments of my life was the last crime they discussed, it was from a Law and Order episode during the 1995-96 season.  New York State hasn’t executed anyone since 1962.

So, for the record here are the rest of the major errors inherent in the suits discussions.  The movie in question is The Accused from 1988.  It starred Kelly McGillis and Jodie Foster, whom I believe is the ‘Disney Dyke’ in question.  The film, and actual 1983 rape it recounts, took place in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  The latest horrible act of letting a man die after a severe beating took place in DC.

Jesus, no wonder they call New Jersey a foreign country.  It does, however, beg this question: what does it take to get an MBA in this country?  Obviously any sense of history and reality are out.  I think I get why the banks in this country are failing, guys who think an NBC crime drama based on a 1960’s crime drama is reality are running these places. 


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