Break-up and Murder Brought to You by Facebook

The First Essential Scary Truth

I am convinced there is a great psychic hand that picks up the country a few times a year and gives it three of four really hard shakes.  The loosest parts of humanity then fall to one of three places in the country: Florida, Texas or California.  I find it the only clear explanation as to why the Ted Bundy’s, Ottis Toole’s and Henry Lee Lucas’ of the world seemingly do their worst in those three states.

Every now and then, however, the great Shaker misses the intended targets. 

Witness the latest weirdness out of Staffordshire, England as one Edward Richardson murdered his 26-year-old wife because she changed her relationship status on Facebook to single.  It seems the couple was going through a separation and Sarah, the spouse in question, decided there was no hope of repair so she decided to get on with her life.  And in this day and age, the first thing to do is to make sure that everyone who could possibly see you, find you attractive et al. on the various social networking sites, knows you are looking.  Well, Richardson took exception to finding out about the finality of his crumbling marriage on the Internet.

I can understand the anger; it’s bad enough having someone break up with your voicemail let alone having millions around the world find out it’s over before the attorney serves you. However, murder?  Jesus, how about posting the naked pictures or videos of the ex on YouTube?  OR, go really old school and order him/her pizzas for a few hours at a clip.

But, taking a line from Sydney Zion in his article about David Berkowitz, thank G-d he’s not one of us!


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