Resistance Is Futile

The First Essential Scary Truth

One of the big conceits being practiced by many of those unhappy with the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election is resistance. Those involved with this idea are actively forming“cells,” passing information between other members via Facebook and have even created a hashtag – #resist – for their cause.

Although it’s heartening to see so many of my fellow citizens involved in the political machinations of the Republic, I find myself taken a bit aback by this resistance movement. Perhaps it’s the social media element of the whole thing or maybe it’s the faux outrage of some of those involved. Whatever the case I find myself wanting to offer help to those resistance members and their fellow travelers.

For the sake of whatever record there is out there in these heady days, I have family members that were active in various resistance cells and movements; my Uncle Benny was in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and the Old Man was a member of the Irgun (a militant organization run by Menachem Begin to help found the modern state of Israel) in various DP camps after the Shoah. They mentioned a few things to my brother and I. Being a generous man, concerned about the welfare of others, I’d like to pass this knowledge over to these leaders, followers et al.

First, when involved in a resistance movement/cell you never let anyone know you are a member of said movement or cell.

Second, you never advertise on a billboard, in a public house or (in the modern era) on social media that you are a member of said resistance.

If these rules are not followed the Man, Fascists, Nazis, NSA et al will have no problem finding you. Once found you will be, if you are a romantic, tortured, imprisoned, water boarded and perhaps even killed for your cause. If you are a pragmatist and/or realist you will find the IRS taking an extra special look at your taxes (audit!) for the past few years.

If you still have questions go watch the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes where the Dominion takes over the space station. Even Odo and Kira had sense enough to talk in private. Seriously guys, get with it. Even the French got this back in the 1940’s.

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