No More Gag Relfex

Overheard In A Los Angeles Bar

On a cool spring Tuesday night, I find myself sitting next to two gay men on a date in the Rockwell, a Los Feliz bar.  They are Hipsters with scruff and geek glasses.  One in a black Checked Flannel shirt,  the other in a blue Down vest yet somehow they look the same.  The discussion is over living in Silver Lake and how they feel about Bernie.  Sandernistas in Los Feliz.  Who knew?

This evening, a couple of Brand Managers are working the near deserted bar for Don  Julio Anejo, offering free shots in small plastic pill cups.  I demur as tequila makes me very aggressive.  Flannel checked shirt shoots the booze.  His date demurs as well.  “I can’t do shots anymore,” Down vest says.

“Why,” Checked Flannel shirt asks.

“I used to have no gag reflex but that changed last month.  I was going down on this guy and I threw up on his cock.  He wasn’t that big but he just hit the right spot.  Ever since then I haven’t been able to give a blow job or do a shot.”

Somewhere in West Hollywood John Rechy is doing multiple face palms.

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