The Not Green Miracle on the Hudson

The Core Belief

The “Miracle on The Hudson,” as the papers are calling it, was truly just that, a miracle.  155 people saved by the quick thoughts and actions of the pilot, who managed to put the plane down tail first on the river.  The aircraft retained its buoyancy and the worst injury reported was a broken leg.

But was it the pilot alone?

I would like to put forth the theory that the lack of any green feelings in my fellow New Yorkers and myself also played a part.  Whatever else aside from the water – garbage, trash bags, lumber, body parts of Genovese crime family members – kept that plane afloat was put there by us.

So go Green California and Steve Hanson and save the planet.  I chose to act local, not global and am happy that I was able to my (very little) part to help save that Airbus bound for Charlotte.  I’m just glad he didn’t land in the East River; the water would have definitely taken their lives.






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